Work from Home: How to Be a Successful Social Media Manager (2023)

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All working urbanites will know the feeling of exhaustion that comes from the day-to-day grind of working in an office: every day you have to survive the same dreaded commute to and from work, and every day you sit on the same desk, staring into the same computer screen, doing the same kind of work. The same thing, day in and day out.

Soon enough, the monotony of it all will get to you and you find yourself exhausted every single day, too tired or uninterested to work, or both. It’s difficult to describe the feeling exactly – just that you feel spent, all the time.

If you’ve ever gone through the moments mentioned above, you were likely experiencing a strong aversion to the repetitiveness of your day job. And perhaps it’s time to find another.

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Perhaps you’d like to be able to work wherever you are in the world – whether it’s in a lovely café in Paris or by the swimming pool in on a lovely island in Indonesia. Or perhaps you simply want a job that doesn’t require a long daily commute. Perhaps you’d like to work in your pajamas in bed all day. Then it’s time to consider being a freelancer.

Now there are plenty of freelance jobs available. But if you’re the kind of person who likes social media, has a knack for marketing and has a bit of a creative flair, perhaps you’d like to learn how to become a social media manager from home and start earning a salary from the comfort of your own bedroom!

Over the last decade, according to a study by Global Workforce Analytics, there has been a 115% increase in telecommuting jobs. The search below shows open positions on not all these jobs are work from home opportunities, however, this demonstrates the huge demand for social media managers.

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What is a social media manager?

In a nutshell, a social media manager is someone who is tasked to create, maintain and oversee the social media presence of a brand. This role is entrusted with multiple tasks and responsibilities, such as the following:

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A social media manager’s responsibilities

  1. Creating and managing the content plan of a brand
  2. Doing public relations online
  3. Developing the brand’s social media strategy
  4. Growing and maintaining the brand’s online community of consumers
  5. Driving product sales and improving brand health through the brand’s social media presence
  6. Constantly being updated on social media trends and finding opportunities to leverage on those trends

A social media manager’s tasks

  • Scheduling posts for all social media channels
  • Monitoring viral subjects and trending topics
  • Responding to customer comments and messages
  • Analyzing reach, traffic, and growth to social media accounts and owned online assets such as a website
  • Reporting on the data mentioned above to upper management
  • Working with a creative agency to develop images and videos for social media content
  • Setting up SEO campaigns
  • Managing paid advertising for your brand
  • Interacting with members in your brand’s community pages and forums

Like what you’re learning so far? If so, you might want to seriously consider becoming a social media manager.

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How can you become a social media manager?

The good news about this home-based job is that you can also learn how to become a social media manager from home. Here is a step-by-step guide to get you started.

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  1. Start learning and don’t stop. What you have to understand about the social media landscape is that it is constantly changing, and the rules to engage in it are also constantly changing.

You should start your social media management career by gaining as much knowledge and information as you can about it. Start by taking online courses, reading blog posts and watching videos. There are numerous free resources available online on how to become a social media manager. Check out our curated list of social media management sources below:

Resources on How to Become a Social Media Manager from Home

Hubspot Academy provides ten free courses on digital marketing with over a hundred lessons available to those who register. They even provide fifteen tools for when you decide to start implementing what you have learned!

“Educate Your Audience and Sell Your Expertise Using Social Media” is a free course generously offered by Social Creators which consists of a 4-part video training series about social media management.

The Goodwill Community Foundation provides free basic courses on social media, from the basics of blogging to tutorials on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Snapchat. And while these courses are very basic, they might be helpful to the aspiring social media manager who has just started out.

Learn the basics of social media analytics for free through this course by quintly Academy.

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Use this beginner’s guide to social media by Moz for 12 very useful chapters you’ll be referring to over and over again.

  1. Gain some real-world experience so you can learn on the job and so you have something to put on your portfolio. Don’t expect to earn the big bucks as soon as you’ve done your studying on social media management. Start gaining experience and building your portfolio by offering to work on social media projects in the company where you currently work for or apply to work for other social media managers. The pay won’t be much, but the experience you’ll get will be priceless.
  2. Start networking. A social media manager’s earnings rely on the jobs he or she gets from clients. There are numerous entrepreneurs out there looking for someone to manage their brand’s social media presence because either they have no time to do it or just don’t have the interest to do so. One of the best ways to connect with these clients is through networking. Attend conferences and networking events in your area. You can also network online by participating in forums and communities.
  3. Offer a free seminar or webinar that will showcase your social media management expertise. Doing so will help you reach out to potential customers who obviously need social media management for their business (otherwise they wouldn’t have signed up for your course) and might require a helping hand to manage this side of their business or endeavor. Be sure to keep the contacts of the people who signed up in a database, so you can reach out to them regularly to offer your services.
  4. Start with your own social media presence. Perhaps the best resume you can share with potential clients and the rest of the world would be your own personal brand. And as such, you might want to apply everything you’ve learned about social media management to your own Facebook page, Instagram account, and other social media channels.

Make sure your social media accounts are in good shape, have a decent following and have evident engagement.

To add to that, it would be ideal for you to run a social media audit on your own accounts. Look through your accounts to make sure you don’t have any posts or content that you wouldn’t want potential clients to find. Follow basic social media etiquette from here on out, and always think before you post.

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  1. Set up some partnerships and collaborations. Reach out to SEO companies, media buying companies, or web design companies and see how you can offer your social media management services to your clients. At the same time, you can also share your network with your partner companies.

Alternatively, you can offer your social media management services to these agencies and companies on a “white label” basis, that is, you do the work and get compensated, but you do not get credit for the work since you did the work under the name of the company you have partnered with.

  1. Look for your own brand benchmarks. Look for brands and companies who have a strong social media presence and try to understand what they’re doing right. Take notes and keep these in mind as you start working with your first few clients, and use them as your own reference when you start trying to influence your client’s social media presence.
  2. Do volunteer work where you are able to use your social media management skills. Reach out to local charities in your area or foundations that you feel might benefit from a strong social media presence and offer your services to them for free. In exchange, request that you are able to use the work you do for them to add to your portfolio. It’s the ideal situation: you’re able to help others, but you’re also able to help build your career as a social media manager!
  3. Look for projects and opportunities in online job portals. You can find social media manager roles all over the internet, but sites like Upwork, Freelancer, Hubstaff and Outsourcely have the most reliable job postings.
  4. Build an arsenal of social media tools. There are numerous free resources online that can help you become a better social media manager. Start with free tools from sites like SocialBakers, Google Alerts, Social Mention, and Twazzup.

Some final words of advice on how to build your career as a social media manager

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  1. You have to love it to be good at it. You need to be naturally curious and inclined to want to learn the ways of social media and the many trends, issues, and general dips and valleys that surround it.
  2. Be patient. While the social media world is definitely fast-paced, as with nearly everything in the digital space and the technology industry, it will take some time for you to build your career as a social media manager. Keep doing what you’re doing, don’t give up, and have fun and learn in the process, and you will reap your rewards soon enough.
  3. Find yourself a mentor and a support group. There are many other more experienced social media managers who would be happy to take aspiring ones under their wing. Seek the guidance of a mentor and reach out to individuals with similar interests so you can also have a support group.


How many hours do social media managers work? ›

More than half (57%) of the social media managers did not anticipate being in their current role for more than two more years. Social media managers typically work more than the standard 40-hour workweek. Most social media managers worked slightly more than the standard 40-hour workweek, averaging 41-59 hours per week.

How Much Does a social media manager Earn? ›

The average salary for a social media manager is £33,239 per year in United Kingdom.

What Does a social media manager do daily? ›

On any given day, a social media manager might be responsible for setting the strategy for an upcoming product launch, creating a video, analyzing data across platforms, designing viral GIFs, coordinating messaging with PR & Communications, runnings paid advertisements and lots more.

Is being a social media manager hard? ›

It's challenging to be consistent as a social media manager, especially when you have additional marketing responsibilities. It can take hours to come up with engaging content to post every day on multiple platforms. It can definitely get overwhelming!

Are social media managers happy? ›

According to PayScale, social media managers have a job satisfaction rating of 3.8 out of 5, or "extremely happy." The position ranks 42nd on CNNMoney/list PayScale's of the Top 100 Careers with Big Growth, Great Pay, and Satisfying Work, and according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), jobs in social media are ...

What is the first responsibility of a social media manager? ›

The first responsibility of a Social Media Manager (or a social media management team) is to develop and implement a social media marketing plan.

What should I offer as a social media manager? ›

8 Social Media Services That Agencies Should Offer Clients
  • Channel-specific social media services. ...
  • Strategy planning. ...
  • Account/profile creation and branding. ...
  • Content creation. ...
  • Content publishing. ...
  • Research and analysis. ...
  • Education and consulting. ...
  • Campaign and community management.
25 Aug 2021

How do I become a social media manager with no experience? ›

Becoming a social media manager with no experience
  1. Consider a college degree. ...
  2. Build your online community. ...
  3. Take a social media marketing course. ...
  4. Research tools you can use for social media management. ...
  5. Network online and in person. ...
  6. Volunteer to manage social media for small business.
19 May 2022

What should I study to become a social media manager? ›

An in-demand role, Social Media Manager positions typically require a bachelor's degree in marketing, public relations or similar.

What does a freelance social media manager do? ›

A freelance social media manager is a social media marketing expert who assists businesses of all sizes to elevate their social presence. Typically, freelance social media managers work with multiple clients at once, from small businesses to startups and even established brands.

How do I become a social media manager with no experience? ›

Becoming a social media manager with no experience
  1. Consider a college degree. ...
  2. Build your online community. ...
  3. Take a social media marketing course. ...
  4. Research tools you can use for social media management. ...
  5. Network online and in person. ...
  6. Volunteer to manage social media for small business.
19 May 2022

What is required of a social media manager? ›

What does a social media manager do? Social media managers are ordinarily responsible for developing strategies to increase followers, creating and overseeing social campaigns, producing content, reviewing analytics, and communicating with key stakeholders in a company.

How do I start a social media career? ›

How to get a job in social media in 2022
  1. Grow your own social media presence.
  2. Complete a social media certification.
  3. Job search using social media.
  4. Know what to look for in a social media job posting.
  5. Don't be afraid to take a step back.
  6. Make your resume stand out.
23 Aug 2022

How much should I pay a social media manager? ›

Social Media Marketing Company Costs

The services of a social media marketing firm can come in anywhere between $50-$300 per hour depending on the breadth of services you're looking for.


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